Big Game International Services



Comprehensive Services, Support & Resources

Big Game International includes the most comprehensive lineup of services in the sporting goods industry today. With an unparalleled combination of product development, expert design capabilities, category management, exceptional supply chain efficiencies as well as licensing and OEM opportunities, Big Game International should be the primary partner for any of your sporting goods product needs. Our commitment to excellence and customer-centric style will be easily apparent through the abundance of unique services offered.

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Total Category Management

Big Game International offers a team of specialists who are highly trained in managing product assortments across any sporting goods category. We strategically build optimal portfolios of brands and product lines to meet the regional and seasonal needs of our customer base. We also take pride in leading the charge for go-to-market product lines. This is achieved through cutting edge design work, advanced market research and streamlined product lifecycles.



Marketing & Promotion


Big Game International has one of the premier marketing departments in the consumer products and manufacturing industry. Comprised of an in-house team of creative and design leaders with extensive experience throughout sporting goods and other industries, the Big Game International marketing group has a pulse on all trendsetting designs and brand driving detail that have mass appeal - regionally and by demographic. 

Our innovative team of talent can design for any look and experience that will capture the attention of any consumer segment.



Brand Development Portfolio


Big Game International is one of the leading sporting goods companies in North America. With a constantly growing spectrum of brands that includes South Bend®, Matzuo®, Shoreline Marine™, Hurricane Salt Tackle®, Redbone® and Mossy Oak® amongst others, we are committed to developing product lines and marketing programs that engage consumers and consistently produce a lasting relationship between the two. We continue to provide unique and innovative products to a wide variety of customers. Because of this, each brand displays its own distinct identity while helping to grow market share within a competitive industry.

Additionally, Big Game International offers retailer partners the opportunity to create private or exclusive brands distinct to the marketplace. With a robust group of product development and marketing services experts, any brand in any category can be achieved.


Product Development


Product Development and Sourcing - Big Game International has built a significant  base of manufacturing partners to produce our product lines according to our requirements for quality, specifications and supply chain needs. We are committed to monitoring and managing orders to achieve on time delivery in the most efficient and cost effective means possible.

We currently have a comprehensive product development team located in Northbrook, IL as well as a full team based in China focused on quality control and supply chain efficiencies.  The Big Game International team is comprised of creative specialists, product and packaging engineers, designers, and product managers aggressively striving to be ahead of the curve on all sporting goods trends.


Original Equipment Manufacturer


Big Game International currently produces a variety of products for other manufacturers within the sporting goods industry.  Through value-added services and excellent supply chain efficiencies, we are able to provide these partners the opportunity to acquire cost-efficient product lines.



Supply Chain & Quality Control


Supply Chain management involves all of Big Game International's business divisions; specifically product development, manufacturing, product management, operational logistics and inventory control. Dedicated people, systems, technology, resources and effort are devoted to the most efficient means of delivering services or products from supplier to customer.